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"During the filming of The Hunger Games I did punch the stuntman in the face and break a finger. That was pretty embarrassing."

- Sam Claflin for Hunger TV

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I think learning to say “She’s beautiful and I am also beautiful” is really important. So many times we just compare and contrast ourselves against other people but it doesn’t need to be like that.

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shailene woodley meme: photoshoots 2/?

↳ InStyle (2014)


*sees a cute guy on public transport*
*makes brief accidental eye contact*
*goes home and listens to enchanted on repeat for 3 hours*

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"Don’t look at me, look at the knot…”

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Taylor Swift looking unbelievably gorgeous in candids: 16/?

Taylor Swift looking unbelievably gorgeous in candids: 16/?

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Track: All The Roadrunning (Duet With Emmylou Harris)
Artist: Dire Straits
Album: The Best Of Dire Straits
Played: 61 times
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